Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aging Oak Tree - #15 Tee

Decaying Coast Live Oak - #15 Blue Tee (click to enlarge photo)

There are numerous oak trees around the course that are finally reaching the end of their living life. Some trees last longer than others. The long-lived trees usually have better locations, soil conditions, micro-climates, branch structure, and pest resistance. The shorter-lived trees usually have some stress from irrigation, paving, compaction, golf impacts, wounds and natural decay.
The tree above has reached as stage where its removal is eminent. It has dead and decaying branches which could be hazardous to people using the course. The tree probably grew naturally in this rocky location, but was impacted later by a cart path, a heavily irrigated tee, and numerous tee shots striking it. The bark has decayed severely and the heartwood is no longer protected. Rot of the internal hardwood will now progress and the probability of the tree falling is increasing. Unfortunately, this tree is slated for removal due to its location. If it was located out in the tall grass away from players, it would probably be left alone for nature to take its course.

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