Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fall Update

The golf course has made it through the summer, but remains under drought restrictions.  Fall rains have been helpful, with a little over 2" since 9/1/15.  We're hoping the regular showers continue. The winter rains are badly needed to get us back on track for water storage.

The golf course did very well in the water conservation category this year, exceeding the 30% mandate.  From January through September, the golf course water consumption was down by 46% compared to 2013.  So far the course has saved 47,790,293 gallons of water in this category.

There are a few areas where irrigation was restricted that may be roped off this winter.  Many of these areas will be re-seeded and top dressed to re-establish turf, if we receive enough rain to end the restrictions.  A determination will be made in late winter.  A long-term strategy is being worked on to further reduce unnecessary irrigation acreage, to make the water savings permanent.

Finally, wildlife has been abundant this year.  Many animals are coming down to the golf course to feed, with the surrounding hills being so dry.  Raccoons have been a bit problematic, but otherwise the additional wildlife has been a welcome sight!