Friday, July 23, 2010

Work Finally Begins on SVGTC Tank & Pump Station

Permits have finally been secured for the SVGTC water tank and pump station. Site clearing work has commenced along hole # 2. A 300,000 gallon water water tank and VFD pumping station will be installed. This project will finally give the SVGTC an independent irrigation supply. It is currently irrigated using an undersized supply from the golf course, causing numerous issues including daytime watering.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hooray, The New GM Has Started!

I'm really glad to see that Shannon Sweeney Donlon has started as the new GM. Although things have run relatively well in the interim period, we have missed having a true advocate for the golf course and its constituents. Shannon will be an important part of the Golf Advisory Committee and have a direct link to senior management of the Athletic Department.

I think everyone will enjoy her personality and her "open door" attitude. Hopefully you will get a chance to say hello to her in the upcoming weeks!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aging Oak Tree - #15 Tee

Decaying Coast Live Oak - #15 Blue Tee (click to enlarge photo)

There are numerous oak trees around the course that are finally reaching the end of their living life. Some trees last longer than others. The long-lived trees usually have better locations, soil conditions, micro-climates, branch structure, and pest resistance. The shorter-lived trees usually have some stress from irrigation, paving, compaction, golf impacts, wounds and natural decay.
The tree above has reached as stage where its removal is eminent. It has dead and decaying branches which could be hazardous to people using the course. The tree probably grew naturally in this rocky location, but was impacted later by a cart path, a heavily irrigated tee, and numerous tee shots striking it. The bark has decayed severely and the heartwood is no longer protected. Rot of the internal hardwood will now progress and the probability of the tree falling is increasing. Unfortunately, this tree is slated for removal due to its location. If it was located out in the tall grass away from players, it would probably be left alone for nature to take its course.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fairy Rings

Fairy Ring on #6 Fairway - click to enlarge

Some people have asked me about the dark green rings seen on some of the greens this time of year. The circular pattern is caused by the Basidiomycete group of fungi that inhabit the soil. These fungi digest organic matter in the soil left behind by the turfgrass. As the fungi breaks down the organic matter, nitrogen is released. This nitrogen is taken up by the turf and results in a green up in the areas where the fungi are working. The pattern starts small and may grow to many yards across. I choose not to apply fungicides for this issue, since this pattern is primarily cosmetic. On occassion, severe drought can occur in the rings or the fruiting bodies of the fungus (mushrooms) pop up. It is a natural process and the turf normally recovers well in the middle of the rings.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Clubhouse Roof Repairs

Repairs are being made this week to the Clubhouse Roof. Leaks had developed around the ventilators and roof tiles were damaged by the fallen oak tree. Fortunately, the original roof construction was done with redwood, so most of the structural components were in excellent shape. Repairs will be completed today, Wednesday 7/7/10.