Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hydrojecting Greens

We're in the process of Hydrojecting greens.  The Hydroject is what the name implies, a machine that injects water.  It does so at very high pressure creating tiny holes that allow air and water to enter the soil profile.  We try to do every green at least three times per year.  You'll have to look very closely to find the pin-sized holes.

This is one of the cultural practices that have allowed us to not core aerate greens over the past 17 years (along with regular sand topdressing.)  That is a phenomenal achievement, one that few experts would ever have believed.

I really like not having to core aerate as a Superintendent, because Poa annua doesn't have a place to take hold.  I like it as a golfer, because the greens are not torn up two or more times per year.

I hope you will be able to get out and enjoy it, we're one of the very few courses in the country that has been able to avoid regular core aeration!


  1. You are ahead of the curve, my fiend.

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  3. Sounds like it might be similar to the high-pressure water system dentists now use the clean teeth.

    Why aren't more golf courses using this type of hydrojecting? Is it just a new technique/machine and will take time for supers to buy into it? (but you've used it for 17 years?) Or is the device so expensive that few can afford it? Or does it require a certain type of green substructure or grass that not many other courses have?

    All golfers hate the short-term pain of aerated greens and would welcome this method.