Friday, October 1, 2010

SVGTC Water Tank Progress

Construction of the water tank on hole #2 is substantially completed. Work that remains is connecting it to the water source (non-potable University Lake Water) and installing the electrical service for the pump station. The water service connection will impact Fremont Rd. and the red tees on #2 in the next two weeks. The timetable for the electrical connection is unknown, and dependent on PG&E. Our hope is that everything will be completed by mid-November.

This water tank is required to remove the Siebel Varsity Golf Training Complex (SVGTC) from the golf course's irrigation system. The course's irrigation system was never designed with enough capacity to handle an additional 30 acres of irrigated turfgrass. It is an extremely complicated juggling act to irrigate both properties in the current configuration. When it gets hot, daytime watering must be done which hampers golf players and is inefficient due to wind and evaporation. The tank will allow us to take water during the daytime hours from the Lake Water pipeline (at a low time of use.) We will then fill the tank during the day, and pump from it at night on a completely separate system from the golf course. Since the SVGTC is built on a six-inch sand cap soil material, this will allow us to irrigate lighter and more frequently, reducing the loss of water out of the bottom of the rootzone.

Below are some photos taken during construction of the tank (Click to Enlarge) :

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