Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring growth spurt begins as does topdressing program

As I write this, the golf course is just beginning its spring growth spurt.
Due to this year's cold and wet winter, we are about a month behind where we
normally would be.  We've made our first fertilizer application between the
Men's and Women's collegiate events and the rough is showing its "teeth!"

We've also begun our bi-weekly Monday topdressing program, now that the
greens are growing.  The light sand topdressing allows us to keep the greens
relatively firm without the unwelcome core aeration process.  Without the
sand topdressing, the greens would become puffy, scalp easily and the
drainage would become compromised.

Play is definitely picking up, so we especially need your help with ball
marks.  When done properly, a repaired ball mark should be started at the
tuft in the back, tapped flat, and have no brown showing. Practice it and
see how good you can get at it!  Thanks as always!

Ken Williams

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